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Special Notice to American Buyers:

Normally, Snowstar puppies are available to the buyer at eight (8) weeks of age. Recently, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC)  has changed the rules governing the completion of rabies vaccinations prior to the importation of dogs into the US.

There are now two options available to potential US buyers.

The first option is for the purchaser to acquire a document (Confinement Agreement)  from the CDC which guarantees that the purchaser accepts responsibility to ensure that the puppy will be properly vaccinated and quarantined before being exposed to other animals. The dog can be shipped to the US at the age of eight (8) weeks if the CDC approves the Confinement Agreement.

The second option is for Snowstar Kennels to keep the dog until it is sixteen (16) weeks old and to ensure the proper rabies vaccinations are completed while the animal still resides in Canada. There is an additional charge of US $200.00 (rabies vacination plus additional room and board) for this service.

This link http://www.cdc.gov/animalimportation/dogs.html describes the entire CDC regulation. 




Am/Can/CFC Ch Snowmagic's Russian Composer (Dimitri) - has been bred to - BPIS Can Ch Snowstar's Harvest Moon CGN (Pumpkin)

Date of Birth: August 5th, 2018

Pooped out puppies......

Enjoying a cool drink at 4 1/2 weeks.......



18 days old....

One day old.......